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Voice and Piano Lessons now available with the option of Skype. Sign up via Paypal.

Vocal Coaching and Piano Lessons

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New Territory’s  CD  is now available! 
“Confessions of a Housewife: Chapter 1”
A portion from each sale will benefit Alzheimer research and Hospice support.

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Vocal Coaching and Piano Lessons



New Territory was started in 1989 by Melissa Rhine. Her idea was to have a project that would allow growth and development for all the musicians involved while moving the group along a creative corridor where all styles could be used. New Territory is a group designed to expand and contract based on client's financial and spatial requirements while providing the highest caliber of musical entertainment for it's customers.


New Territory is a group of individuals dedicated to creating positive music in a multiple genre arena. Improvisation is the main contribution that all members bring to the ensemble. In the Jazz music form, where spontaneous creation of music is the norm, New Territory has found a home. The nucleus of the New Territory ensemble consists of  Singer/Songwriter Melissa Rhine and Guitarist Michael Rhine.

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